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    sep 2021
    09:30 - 12:30 (CET)

    The 2021 ELENA contractors meeting represents an opportunity to share experience and knowledge among the projects, to highlight successes and lessons learnt, and to foster exchange on the future role of ELENA as a vehicle contributing to the EU’s energy and climate objectives.

    The meeting will explore how to maximize the potential positive impacts (investment, energy savings, climate change mitigation) of ELENA through the existing pool of projects, as well as send a message that the Facility will continue to recruit new projects under all three envelopes.

    It will highlight the diversity of ELENA projects across different sectors and stakeholders, thus offering opportunities for the contractors to directly discuss and share experiences. The ELENA team will also aim to collect feedback from the contractors on how to improve the facility in terms of its support and effectiveness.

    The Contractors Meeting event is expected to stimulate knowledge and experience sharing among Final Beneficiaries, as well as to help identify areas for improvement in the ELENA facility itself. Therefore, the meeting is foreseen to be open only to Final Beneficiaries involved in ongoing projects. The session will be designed to be as interactive as possible, keeping in mind the virtual format.


    Registration is now open until 19 September midnight!