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    About us

    The Evaluation function is composed of a team of over 20 professionals, including experienced evaluators and support staff.

    We work in line with international principles and standards for evaluation, such as the OECD-DAC Principles for Evaluation of Development Assistance and the Big Book on Evaluation Good Practice Standards issued by the Evaluation Cooperation Group, of which we are a member.

    We operate independently from the EIB Group’s operations and submit reports without change or delay to the EIB and/or EIF Board(s) of Directors, following EIB Management Committee and/or the EIF Chief Executive discussions.

    Our role

    We carry out independent evaluations of EIB and EIF activities with two main objectives:

    • Accountability: to see if Group activities have been in line with policy mandates and the strategies that followed from them, and if they delivered as expected.
    • Learning: we help to identify possible areas of improvement that can be applied to Group activities to increase performance in the future.

    Evaluation contributes to forging a culture of responsibility and learning in the EIB Group.

    Guiding principles