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    We strive to demonstrate to EU citizens that we further their interests and are accountable to them. We are required to follow some of these principles by law but others are our own voluntary policies.

    Complaints Mechanism overview

    The EIB Group consists of the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF). The Complaints Mechanism is a public accountability tool of the European Investment Bank Group.

    Project procurement complaints

    The EIB Procurement Complaints Committee reviews the Bank's position relative to complaints arising from tendering of EIB-financed contracts for goods, works and consultant services in case a complaint against the Bank's action has been received.

    Investigating Prohibited Conduct

    The European Investment Bank Group (EIB Group) has a zero tolerance of Prohibited Conduct whether occurring in connection with projects and activities financed by the EIB Group or perpetrated by its own staff.


    The independent evaluation function in the EIB Group provides evidence, insights and learnings to inform EIB Group activities. It helps to draw lessons on how to continuously improve the Group's work, contributing to a culture of learning and evidence-based decision-making.

    Requests for internal review

    Under the conditions set out in the Aarhus Regulation, environmental NGOs and members of the public may ask the EIB to carry out an internal review of its administrative acts or omissions on environmental grounds.