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    Guided by EU policy, including commitments to the Paris Agreement on Climate Action and to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the EIB Group fosters sustainable growth within the European Union and beyond. This approach drives all of our initiatives, products and activities.

    Together with our partners, we act on

    As the EU climate bank, the EIB ensures climate considerations are mainstreamed into everything it does.

    The EIB helps address the root causes of the global forced displacement crisis and create economic resilience.

    The EIB supports sustainable and innovative infrastructure. With partners, we can achieve even more.

    Institutions and MDBs across the globe, including the EIB, have pledged to integrate gender equality into every aspect of their operations.

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    Discover how the EIB and its global partners help the economy, fight climate change, promote equality, and more

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    Find out how initiatives supported by the EIB and its partners create links between people, businesses and economies