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    Climate change and environmental degradation constitute our main challenge for maintaining sustainable development.

    The EIB is an important partner for the European Union in making its European Green Deal, the EU’s new growth strategy for a carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

    Meeting the European Union’s climate and energy targets will require decarbonising much of the energy supply, while safeguarding our natural resources.

    The EIB has been a central player in developing the offshore wind sector and in establishing a supply chain. We also support electricity network investments for transmission and distribution.

    We invest in projects that protect our natural resources and biodiversity, particularly in the areas of agriculture, forestry, oceans, water and waste management. We also help communities manage natural disasters and support their efforts to depollute their habitat.

    Our impact in 2022

    In 2022, the EIB provided €20.86 billion in support of sustainable energy and natural resources.


    8.5 million households

    powered by additional electricity generation capacity from renewable energy sources


    25.4 million people

    with safer drinking water


    10.8 million people

    with improved sanitation


    234 700 people

    facing reduced flooding risk

    Areas we focus on

    Nature and biodiversity are essential for life. Natural resources generate approximately half of the world’s GDP. Biodiversity loss and the climate crisis go hand in hand.

    The EIB ensures our projects enhance natural habitats and do not harm biodiversity. We work together with policymakers, companies and civil society to meet biodiversity challenges and increase investment in nature, ecosystem restoration and resilience.

    Forestry and agriculture

    Sustainable oceans and blue economy

    Drinking water and wastewater management


    Emergency prevention, preparedness and response

    In the spotlight