EIB hosts 13th annual Conference of International Investigators

On September 12-14, the EIB hosted the 13th annual Conference of International Investigators. More than 125 investigators from International Financial Institutions, OLAF (European Anti-Fraud Office), the United Nations and other agencies came to Luxembourg to discuss issues of common concern in the field of investigations. After the welcome address by EIB’s Inspector General, Jan Willem van der Kaaij, EIB Vice President Simon Brooks stressed the importance of integrity to international organisations.

The Franz Brüner (the former Director General of OLAF) Memorial Lecture was given by Ros Wright, the Chair of the UK’s Fraud Advisory Panel. In his closing remarks, Giovanni Kessler (Director General of OLAF) emphasised the need for reinforced exchange of investigative information amongst international organisations. The Conference was chaired by Duncan Smith, from the EIB’s Fraud Investigations Division.

Issues discussed at the Conference included: Working with bi-lateral aid agencies, fraud in aid and reconstruction programmes, opportunities for fraud prevention, developments in technology, forensic IT investigations and implementing sanctions mechanisms.

The Conference is an annual event that has previously been hosted by OLAF, the World Bank, Interpol, the UN (United Nations) and EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) amongst others.

African Development Bank will host the next Conference in Tunis in September 2013.