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  • Teresa Czerwińska – Vice-President of the European Investment Bank will participate in the 30th Economic Forum in Karpacz, in Lower Silesia (Poland), as a speaker in two panels on the future of Poland and Europe after the pandemic and the European Green Deal.  
  • Grzegorz Rabsztyn, Director of the European Investment Bank’s Office in Poland, will participate in a panel on the competitiveness of Polish companies and the EIB support for Innovation.

The Economic Forum, which will take place this year in Karpacz, in Lower Silesia, on 7-9 September, is the largest conference in Central and Eastern Europe to discuss and exchange views on the prospects for economic development, the fight against crises and current challenges. The Forum’s mission is to create a favourable climate for the development of political and economic cooperation between EU Member States and their neighbours. This year’s thirtieth, jubilee edition takes place under the slogan ‘Europe in Search of Leadership’.

Teresa Czerwińska, Vice-President of the EIB, will participate in two panel discussions. The first, entitled “The Future of the Polish Economy” (7 September), will focus on the perspectives of the Polish economy in light of the European Green Deal, the underlying trends in the world economy and Poland’s indicators.

The second will be around the "Restructuring Plan for Europe. National Plan for Reconstruction. The Carpathian Strategy" (9 September). Participants will discuss, among other topics the Recovery Fund (Next Generation EU) and the National Recovery Plans as a response of the EU members to the new threats and challenges that have created the pandemic.

Speakers in the discussions include financial and economic experts, representatives of governments, both Polish and other European countries, and presidents of innovative companies.

The Economic Forum offers an opportunity to exchange ideas, positions and experience that can bring new, relevant solutions to many of the European countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Teresa Czerwińska, Vice-President of the EIB. “I look forward to the event in Karpacz. I am convinced that a meaningful discussion and exchange of views and opinions will benefit all those involved in the discussion.”

In addition to Teresa Czerwińska, Grzegorz Rabsztyn, Director of the European Investment Bank Office in Warsaw, will attend a panel discussion entitled “Enhancing the competitiveness of national businesses through innovation” (7 September). Panellists will discuss, among other things, support mechanisms and incentives for Polish entrepreneurs to implement innovative solutions.

In 2020, the EIB Group committed EUR 5.2 billion to finance projects in Poland. See here for more news on the EIB activities in Poland since start of operations.