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    What services does InnovFin Advisory offer

    • Strategic planning
    • Business modelling
    • Capital structure, debt and risk allocation
    • Classic or innovative financial instruments
    • Funding sources and their eligibility criteria
    • Governance
    • Management of stakeholders
    • More "efficient usage" of public financial instruments

    Who can benefit

    Building on the support, networks and expertise of the EIB Group and the European Commission, we operate in and between:

    • Private sectors (large and small corporates, RDI clusters, industry associations, financial market associations etc.)
    • Public sector (European Commission, Member States, government agencies etc.)
    • Public-private and semi-public (research institutes, foundations, NGOs etc.)

    InnovFin Advisory services are provided independently of the EIB’s lending/investment decisions. We will assess all potential financing sources including, but not limited to, EIB funding.

    What projects are eligible

    To be eligible for InnovFin Advisory a project must:

    Not yet be mature for financing appraisal


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