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    The objective of the PDA is to improve projects’ maturity for subsequent IF calls for proposals through high-quality technical and financial advisory support tailored to the project needs. The PDA also aims to support projects to improve their chances for financial closing and entry into operation.

    Eligible projects

    Projects submitted under the IF calls for proposals that are not selected for grant funding may be proposed by CINEA evaluators to receive PDA, if they meet the criteria, as defined in the call, and if they show the potential for improving their maturity through specific PDA.

    Find out more about the next calls for small-scale and large-scale projects.

    Deployment of Project Development Assistance

    Eligible projects proposed by CINEA are reviewed and shortlisted by the EIB, based on the level of maturity as identified during the evaluation process.

    The shortlisted projects are then submitted to the European Commission for approval.

    EIB technical and financial experts are responsible for offering technical support to approved projects, with the support of external consultants. Indicative examples of PDA services are available below.


    Due diligence assessment

    • Project maturity assessment
    • Technical due diligence
    • Bankability assessment

    Financial services

    • Business plan and financial plans
    • Market analysis
    • Financial forecasts

    Technical services

    • Support in the preparation of applications
    • Concept development support
    • Economic analysis
    • Engineering, procurement and implementation support

    Projects benefitting from Innovation Fund


    BHyPER Community

    Country: Portugal
    Category: Solar energy
    Project promoter: Hyperion Energy Investments SGPS SA (PT)

    The BHyPER Community project is a hydrogen production plant that aims to produce green hydrogen through an electrolysis process fed from a renewable and non-polluting source (solar energy). The project will contribute to the Portuguese targets for the gradual introduction of green hydrogen in the various aspects of the Portuguese economy, making it a sustainable and integrated pillar of the National Hydrogen Strategy “EN-H2”.

    The project will be the first of its kind in Portugal, delivering green hydrogen and electricity to the local economy, while offering flexibility to the electricity network through the provision of reserves power.


    Country: Spain
    Category: Intra-day electricity storage
    Project promoters:
    Malta Iberia Pumped Heat Electricity Storage S.L.U. (ES)
    Alfa Laval Corporate AB (SE)
    Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co. KG (DE)

    The Sun2Store project develops, implements and operates an innovative pumped heat electricity storage system of 100 MWe net AC discharge power with 10 hours capacity. The storage system stores on a daily basis solar PV electricity during solar surplus hours and feeds this stored electricity back to the grid as required for covering the residual load curve to avoid renewable energy curtailment.

    The storage innovation consists in combining novel heat pump technology with molten salt thermal storage, well proven in Spanish concentrating solar power plants, and thus making this long duration utility scale storage technology competitively applicable for solar PV and wind power generators. Beside its cost advantage compared to other existing technologies, such as battery storage, the benefits of the pumped heat electricity storage for the grid include the ability to provide dispatchable reserve power with rotating turbine equipment, fast ramping, reactive power and synchronous inertia.

    The storage solution would be the first of its kind in Europe. 


    Country: France
    Category: Other
    Project promoter: Chantiers de l'Atlantique (FR)

    Chantiers de l’Atlantique, the largest shipyard in Europe and a leader in energy and environment efficiencies through its dedicated Ecorizon® R&D Programme, has developed a large sailing cruise ship concept featuring an innovating wind propulsion technology. This new system, consisting of large sails in composite panels mounted on a 80 meters-tall rig, will allow cruise vessels to reduce their GHG emissions up to 45%, compared to similar conventional ships. It will also be transferable to other kinds of large ships, such as bunker vessels and tankers.

    The WAVE (Wind Assisted VEssels) project aims to deploy on the market the first ship applications of this wind propulsion concept by 2024-2025.


    Country: Czech Republic
    Category: Intra-day electricity storage
    Project promoters:
    Gravitricity Ltd (UK)
    Huisman Equipment B.V (NL)
    ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH (AT)
    Frank Bold s.r.o (CZ)
    Viridicore s.r.o (CZ)
    Institute of Geonics of the CAS (CZ)
    RAG Mining Solutions GmbH (DE)
    GA Energo s.r.o. (CZ)

    The GraviSTORE project comprises a gravity-based electrical energy storage system and focuses on the deployment of a prototype in the Moravian Silesian Region of the Czech Republic.

    This first of its kind project will utilise Gravitricity’s highly innovative Multi MW technology to operate at grid scale, storing and releasing energy by raising and lowering solid weights within a disused mineshaft.

    The acquired learning and knowledge building will pave the way for future commercial roll-out of the technology, which has exceptional cyclability and offers significant circular economy benefits through the re-use of closing mine infrastructure.


    Country: France
    Category: Other energy storage
    Project promoter: ARKEMA FRANCE SA (FR)

    Arkema’s LION Project aims to develop and upscale an innovative production process that allows the cost-optimised and environmentally friendly production of an ultra-pure electrolyte salt. It will improve batteries’ safety and fit perfectly with high voltages and fast charge batteries within either the present or future battery technologies.

    Lion project is part of the IPCEI Batteries and participates in establishing a complete innovative and competitive battery value chain within the EU.


    Country: Germany
    Category: Other energy storage
    Project promoter: Black Magic GmbH (DE)

    Black Magic GmbH is the only producer of Curved Graphene globally. Curved Graphene is a form of carbon used to achieve remarkably high energy density in energy storage technology, outperforming current batteries in many parameters.

    The CESAR-E project, will develop and upscale Curved Graphene synthesis production technology for cost reduction and thus widen the field of application. The broader market penetration of Curved Graphene will lead to an expected cost reduction and to significant GHG emissions savings, especially in the automotive sector, through reducing fuel consumption in hybrid vehicles and increasing battery life in electric vehicles. 


    Country: Netherlands
    Category: Energy-intensive industries
    Project promoter: InSus B.V. (NL)

    The project plans to construct a large-scale recycling plant to recover (H)CFC’s and propane propellants from rigid polyurethane foam. These propellants were historically used as blowing agents for rigid polyurethane foam insulation and (H)CFC’s are extremely strong greenhouse gases. The (H)CFC propellants are rendered harmless in this process and the pentane propellant is recovered for reuse. The process also recovers the foam for reuse.

    The project development assistance (PDA) scope will be a market study to identify the business potential of deploying this technology across the 27 EU Member States. The objective of the PDA will be to increase the maturity of the project by establishing the current and future market potential.


    Country: Spain
    Category: CO2 transport and storage
    Project promoter: Forestal del Atlántico, S.A. (ES)

    TRISKELION, located in the Northeast of Spain (Mugardos, Galicia) is an innovative renewable methanol manufacturing project that combines and integrates different technologies at industrial scale: CO2 Capture through an amine-based absorption-desorption system in an existing cogeneration; Alkaline electrolysis, powered by electrical energy provided by a wind farm connected in a virtual system; Synthesis of methanol, carried out in a single reactor using Cu-ZnO base catalysts, and distillation of methanol.

    The aim is to obtain a final product with a quality similar to that of fossil methanol which will allow the use of existing logistics chain and industrial facilities currently used for fossil methanol. 


    Country: Norway
    Category: Energy intensive industries
    Project promoters:
    Norsk e-Fuel AS (NO)
    Paul Wurth S.A. (LU)
    Valinor AS (NO)
    Sunfire GmbH (DE)
    Climeworks AG (CH)

    NEF, located in Norway and led by Norsk e-Fuel AS, industrialises the world’s first-of-a-kind large-scale Power-to-Liquid (PtL) process, integrating efficient conversion technologies to produce renewable jet fuel (e-Fuel) from 100% renewable electricity, water and CO2. The multi-step process will include:

    • CO2 capture via direct air capture (DAC)
    • Syngas production
    • Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis to produce the renewable fuel
    • product upgrading to maximise the jet fuel fraction within the product stream

    The plant is based on alkaline electrolysis and Reverse-Water-Gas-Shift reactors, and integrating high temperature co-electrolysis based on solid oxide electrolyser cell technology – Co-SOEC. The project will reach a relative GHG emission avoidance of 99%.


    Country: Italy
    Category: Energy intensive industries
    Project promoter: VERSALIS S.P.A. (IT)

    ETHOS objectives are the design, construction and operation of innovative units for onsite cellulolytic enzyme manufacturing and high-quality lignin production in an integrated large scale 2nd generation cellulosic bioethanol demonstration plant in Crescentino (Vercelli, Italy) with Versalis’ proprietary technology, capable of converting lignocellulosic biomass from forestry residues into bioethanol for the biofuel sector and high-quality lignin co-product suitable for bio-based composite plastics.

    ETHOS will create a new bio-circular business model obtained from the simultaneous production of a 2nd generation advanced biofuel (bioethanol) and an advanced biopolymer (lignin), able to substitute fossil derivatives in relevant fuels and plastics markets, contributing significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.

    Equigy CBP

    Oxy-combustion (GreenBPP)


    Country: Italy
    Category: Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology
    Project promoters: FNM S.P.A (IT)

    The GreenHyseO Project is part of "H2iseO: a Hydrogen valley for sustainable mobility”, a project promoted by FNM S.p.A., that aims at creating the first Italian Hydrogen Valley and decarbonizing rail and bus transport in Valcamonica.

    FNM S.p.A. will introduce a green hydrogen-powered fleet of 14 trains and 40 buses, including the construction of the hydrogen production plants, and the distribution and refuelling stations:

    • a hydrogen production, storage, and distribution plant in the city of Iseo, using the Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology starting from biomethane, and the innovative addition of Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology,
    • one or two hydrogen production, storage and distribution plants using electrolysis in the cities of Brescia and Edolo.

    The focus of the GreenHyseO project is on the CCS technology for the Iseo hydrogen production plant.