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    How can I check if I am eligible?

    Are you an innovative company, research institution/organisation or university? Do you intend to invest in research and innovation (R&I) activities or R&I infrastructure? Check the products page to find out which product matches your financing needs. Please make sure to carefully read the eligibility criteria provided on each product’s webpage and only proceed if your application falls within the objectives of the specific product.

    Are you a financial intermediary and/or an investor? Read more about the InnovFin products and browse through the current open calls for expression of interest which are available through our How to apply page

    What type of R&I activities are eligible for financing?

    InnovFin has been developed as a series of integrated and complementary financing tools, consisting of a suite of debt and equity products and covering the entire value chain of research and innovation investment.

    InnovFin targets research and innovation (R&I) investment projects such as:

    • Promoters’ R&I programmes (typically over three to four years), including related capital expenditure (facilities, prototypes)
    • Deployment of innovative technologies (in particular key enabling technologies), including capital expenditure related to commercial launch
    • R&I activities including investments in ICT infrastructure and R&I investments made by research institutes/organisations or universities
    • R&I infrastructures (both multi-country and national) and enabling infrastructures
    • Activities falling under the scope of the EUREKA network or the European Research Area (ERA)
    • Innovative demonstration projects and pre-commercial innovative solutions

    What are the specific eligibility criteria for each InnovFin product?

    InnovFin products which are made available through financial intermediaries such as InnovFin Equity, InnovFin SME Guarantee and InnovFin MidCap Guarantee are targeted towards small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs) or mid-caps which are fast-growing and/or innovation-driven. Specific eligibility criteria should be checked with the individual financial intermediaries listed on the product pages.

    The InnovFin products which are delivered directly by the EIB cater to specific financing needs of certain segments of the innovative value chain. For more information on the eligibility criteria of these products please see the specific product pages:

    Is InnovFin also available for projects outside of EU Member State countries?

    Projects eligible for InnovFin financing must be located in one or more of the 28 EU Member States and/or in one or more of the Horizon 2020 Associated Countries.

    Under some InnovFin products there are specific provisions. Please kindly check the individual product pages.

    How long does it take to receive approval for InnovFin financing?

    The EIB’s due diligence process involves the:

    • assessment of the company’s or project’s eligibility
    • technical and economic viability
    • social and environmental soundness
    • promoter’s financial situation and perspectives

    Subject to the completeness of the information/documentation available and the nature of the financing, the time elapsing between a first contact with the EIB and the signature of a financing contract will typically take 6 months.

    For products which are delivered through financial intermediaries, such as InnovFin Equity, InnovFin SME Guarantee and InnovFin MidCap Guarantee, the intermediary’s due diligence process will determine the time elapsing between first contact and signature of a financing contract.

    Note: The InnovFin products are subject to regular updates to reflect market evolution.