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    Long-term funding

    Partial portfolio guarantees

    Who are the target beneficiaries?

    The SME Access to Finance Initiative aims to enhance access to finance for businesses and individuals:

    • SMEs: businesses with less than 250 full-time employees
    • Covid-19 affected SMEs
    • SMEs in specific geographical areas
    • Start-ups: businesses with less than 50 full-time employees and operating for less than 36 months
    • SMEs at least 50% owned by women or young people aged less than 35 years
    • Individual female entrepreneurs
    • Individual young entrepreneurs aged less than 35 years

    Other EIB criteria may also apply.

    What countries are eligible under the Initiative?


    (*) The EIB will start operating in Libya when a Framework Agreement is signed, but negotiations with the country are on hold. Following EU sanctions against Syria in November 2011, the EIB suspended all loan and advisory activity in the country.
    (**) This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a State of Palestine and is without prejudice to the positions of EU countries on this issue.