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    Interest rates and guarantee fees

    The EIB’s attractive pricing is the result of the trust investors have in us, which translates into advantageous funding costs on the financial markets. EIB adds a margin on top of its funding interest rate to cover the risks and administrative costs associated with each operation. The interest rate or guarantee fee of our product therefore reflects the credit risk profile of the individual project. Depending on the contract, the rate may be fixed or floating and rates are set at signature or at each disbursement.

    Other fees and charges

    The EIB may charge fees and expenses, including for costs incurred during the due-diligence process (such as legal fees, technical support, etc).


    EIB’s financing can be denominated in all major currencies or, where available, also in the local currency.


    Our products are available in all EIB regions of activity, with the exception of some of our guarantees, which are only available in the EU and select countries. Venture debt and credit enhancement for project finance are only available in the EU.