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    The European Investment Bank has been active in the Americas since 1993 and in the Caribbean since 1978.

    The EIB’s role in these countries is to support:

    We support a sustainable post-pandemic recovery that aims at protecting the most vulnerable people, building economic resilience and providing sustainable investments to target the climate and environmental emergency.

    EIB stories and videos in the region

    We support projects that improve lives all over the world.
    Watch our videos and read our stories on how our work improves the quality of life in the Americas and the Caribbean.

    Our initiatives in the region

    We work with the European Commission on a number of investment initiatives that help regions or sectors around the world.

    This facility promotes investment in local infrastructure projects, with a view to supporting economic development and growth, regional integration and poverty reduction in the Caribbean.


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    The EIB works with donors to create trust funds and provide in-depth support for projects in Latin America and the Caribbean through technical assistance, grants and loan guarantees.

    The EIB provides equity financing, primarily investing or co-investing along with funds focused on infrastructure, the environment, or small and medium-sized enterprises and mid-size corporations.

    Our experts provide advisory services and technical assistance to improve access to finance and facilitate investment for:

    • public authorities
    • financial intermediaries
    • microfinance institutions
    • final beneficiaries

    We also offer expertise and technical assistance to support the design and structuring of low-carbon infrastructure projects in cities.

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    Working with the European Union

    The EIB is the European Union’s international development bank. We promote the EU's principles, values and objectives and contribute to stable growth in countries beyond Europe’s borders.

    • Team Europe

    As part of Team Europe, the EIB has increased its development finance, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Team Europe is a global recovery package that combines resources from the European Union, Member States and the EIB, and supports the most vulnerable countries and people most at risk around the world.

    In line with Team Europe initiatives, our projects in Americans and Caribbean countries are aimed at achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    Part of our operations in the region are governed by mandates from the European Union. From 2021 onwards, the majority of our operations in Americas and the Caribbean will be backed by the NDICI - Global Europe, the EU’s main financing tool to contribute to eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development, prosperity, peace and stability.


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