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    Malta and the EIB

    The EIB has worked with Malta since 1979. We invested in many major infrastructure projects, such as a new Parliament building, an open-air theatre and Valletta’s City Gate, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The EIB also supported many small businesses by lending to local banks. The EIB’s Advisory Services helped Malta set up smart city projects that are helping run-down areas of cities come back to life.

    Last year’s EIB Group activity in Malta by priority

    (In € million, last updated at previous year end)

    EIB activity in Malta by sector since start of operations

    EIB stories in Malta

    Individual stories speak far louder than figures and charts.
    Discover how our work improves the quality of life in Malta and beyond.

    Small projects

    For smaller projects (generally less than EUR 25m) contact our local partners.

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    Large projects

    For large projects (exceeding EUR 25m), contact our Brussels office.

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    Advisory services

    Get various types of advisory and technical assistance services.

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    large corporate

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    General enquiries

    Contact the Information Desk for enquiries regarding the financing facilities, activity, organisation and objectives of the EIB

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