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    Building resilience

    Today, nearly a quarter of the world’s population lives in fragile or conflict-affected contexts or areas, driven by crises including armed conflict, forced displacement, food insecurity and climate change.

    Addressing these challenges requires investment that strengthens institutions and makes economies and societies more resilient. That is why the European Investment Bank is scaling up the volume and types of financing it provides to fragile and conflict-affected contexts through public and private sector investments.

    Our goals

    We have a long record of investing in fragile and conflict-affected areas worldwide. Our operations aim to:

    Promote prevention

    of conflict through supporting resilience and addressing fragilities

    Stay engaged

    by protecting existing investments and financing projects that mitigate conflict

    Support recovery

    and peace through investments that support future resilience and growth

    Respond to crisis

    by carrying out urgent interventions that address the roots of the crisis

    Where we work

    The EIB works to support stability and peace in fragile and conflict-affected contexts around the world.

    In focus

    Conflict sensitivity in projects

    With conflicts and violence at the local, sub-national, cross-border and regional level becoming increasingly fractured – particularly in Africa’s Sahel region – this tip sheet gives the private sector practical measures on how to “do no harm” and identify opportunities to reduce conflict risks.

    Our stories

    Individual stories speak far louder than figures and charts. Learn how our work impacts lives in fragile or conflict-affected contexts around the world.

    Our publications

    Understanding the global landscape is key to taking action. Explore our latest research, economic studies, surveys and other resources.

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