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    What EPEC does

    good practice

    EPEC brings together the collective expertise and experience of its Members to:

    • address practical issues in implementing PPPs;
    • share PPP market intelligence; and
    • develop PPP guidance and tools.

    policy development

    EPEC supports policy makers in the development of their:

    • PPP legal and regulatory frameworks;
    • PPP institutional arrangements; and
    • processes for preparing, approving and managing PPPs.

    Where eligible, Invest EU funding is used to support policy advisory assignments

    Supporting PPP
    project preparation

    EPEC helps public authorities in the preparation and procurement of PPPs through:

    • high-level strategic advice;
    • early stage involvement; and
    • support tailored to individual projects.

    Where eligible, Invest EU funding is used to support project advisory assignments

    EPEC Members

    EPEC has 42 member organisations including the EIB and the European Commission.

    Members are national or regional public authorities that are responsible for PPP policy or programmes in European Union Member States, Candidate Countries and certain other eligible countries.

    Other EPEC Initiatives