The European Parliament has today voted in favour of two reports on the European Investment Bank’s annual activities in 2015.

During the preparation of these reports the EIB maintained a close and constructive dialogue with the respective rapporteurs, MEPs Mr Georgios Kyrtsos and Mr Ali Nedzhmi.

The EU Bank is pleased to note that the reports commend the Bank for its key role as the EU’s financial arm and as a key institution for sustaining investment, growth and jobs within the EU and contributing to EU policies outside the EU. Specifically, the EIB’s catalytic effect and the Bank’s importance in revitalising the EU economy by strengthening its competitiveness are acknowledged positively, as are the EIB’s effort to overcome, market and sectoral gaps in particular via the Investment Plan for Europe, where the EIB Group plays a vital role.

The reports also contain a number of suggestions regarding EIB’s reporting on results and added value, and the publication of information about the EIB’s governance and activities via its website.

The EIB takes due note of these recommendations, which will be considered with utmost attention, and confirms its firm intention of continuing a constructive dialogue with the European Parliament on these and other important matters.

The EIB benefits from a strong framework of engagement with the European Parliament. The EP annually adopts reports on the EIB activities, and the EIB President, Vice-Presidents and staff regularly attend hearings upon request of the EP and its different Committees.

Plenary Session of the European Parliament on the EIB Annual Report 2015

Report by Nedzhmi Ali (annual report on the control of the financial activities of the EIB for 2015)