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    Venture debt

    We offer a long-term venture debt product to address the unique funding needs of fast growing innovative companies. The financing structure includes bullet repayment and remuneration linked to the equity risk of the investees and complements existing venture capital financing.

      Venture debt explained

    Get the highlights of the EIB AdVenture Debt Summit


    Non-dilutive funding

    The financing does not dilute the founders’ ownership stake, keeping motivation high, while complementing the equity capital.


    Bespoke financing

    Loans can be secured or unsecured and provide different levels of subordination (including contingent/participating loans).


    Hands-off approach

    The EIB assumes no direct involvement in daily management.


    Signalling effect

    The EIB’s financing is often seen as a quality stamp, helping the project attract additional investors.

    Who is eligible

    The company must have already raised equity from professional investors, have a sustainable business model and business plan and have a solid corporate governance in place.

    Check the "What is eligible" section for the type of projects we can finance.

    What is eligible

    Investment plans in research & development must be located in the European Union. The projects should be in commercial stage, although pre-commercial stage may be accepted if the company develops technologies in areas of strategic importance to the EU.

    The financing size requested is between €5 million and €50 million.

    The projects should fall under one of the innovative areas, indicatively:

    • Health: biotech, unmet medical needs, vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, med-tech, digital health solutions, etc.
    • Future technologies: robotics, automation, semi-conductors, high performance computing, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, advanced hardware components, advanced engineering, photonics, semiconductors, IoT, 5g and beyond, edge computing, industry 4.0, automation and data flows, advanced materials, sustainable / advanced manufacturing, space tech, strategic sustainable ICT technologies, etc.
    • Sustainable infrastructure: sustainable transport, future mobility, transition to clean energy, decarbonisation technologies and digital solutions, the circular economy, greening of space technologies, etc.

    Find information on pricing, geographical availability and other terms 

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