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    Attractive pricing

    Attractive pricing, reflecting the EIB’s advantageous funding conditions on the market.


    Long financing terms

    Long financing terms that match the economic life of each project – typically up to 10 years for bullet loans, or the equivalent for amortising loans. For project finance, we can also manage maturities in excess of 30 years.


    Bespoke financing

    Loans can be secured or unsecured and provide different levels of subordination.


    Project support

    The EIB also offers expertise in the financial and technical aspects of preparing a project.


    Signalling effect

    Additionally, the EIB’s financing is often seen as a quality stamp, helping the project attract additional investors.

    Who is eligible

    • Large corporates or groups
    • Mid-caps
    • Special Purpose Vehicles for project finance (including PPPs and Concessions)

    What is eligible

    Investment costs (typically over a period of up to three years, but can be longer), such as for research and development expenditures on facilities or activities. The EIB typically covers up to 50% of a project’s total cost.  These loans typically start at €25 million and in certain cases the EIB will consider lower amounts.

    Find information on pricing, geographical availability and other terms. Depending on the project, it may also qualify for support under our mandates or third party resources.

    Financing options

    • Corporate loans
    • Growth finance for mid-caps
    • Project finance loans
    • Corporate hybrid debt

    Project cycle

    A project financed by EIB typically goes through seven major stages: proposal, appraisal, approval, signature, disbursement, monitoring/reporting and repayment.