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    Water and wastewater management

    Water is the source of life, but also the resource most affected by climate change. An increased frequency of extreme weather severely impacts the availability and quality of freshwater resources, causing water-related natural disasters, such as droughts and floods. By 2025, 800 million people will have to cope with water scarcity.

    As one of the largest lenders to the global water sector to date, with more than €86 billion for well over 1 700 projects, the EIB is making water security and climate change adaptation a priority.

      Find out more about our work on Sustainable energy and natural resources

    In 2023, we invested about €4.1 billion in the sector. Our impact for 2023 included:

    • Improved sanitation for 1.9 million people
    • Better access to safe drinking water for 4.9 million people
    • Less risk of flooding for 1.5 million people

    Projects eligible for financing

    The EIB supports investment that:

    • increases secure access to water resources
    • protects against floods and other destructive water-related events
    • ensures reliable provision of sustainable and affordable water and wastewater services promote resource efficiency (energy, chemicals, water)

    We help our clients to maximise their resources: in the wastewater sector, we finance facilities with a focus on energy and materials recovery, for instance bio-gas that turns recycled bio-waste into renewable energy.

    Such integrated approaches, for example by using treated wastewater for irrigation, show that we can sustainably manage limited global resources.

    You can find in our EIB water sector lending orientation general information on how we assess water projects for financing. This lending guidance focuses on water security.

    Mountain water boosts Italian business

    Water is becoming scarce even in places where it used to be plentiful, like northern Italy. That’s a problem for businesses, because most companies would fail without a secure supply of water. In the Val di Susa, high above Turin, a hydroelectric dam is converted to a reservoir in a project that brings vital water to nearby towns and businesses. Hear from the engineers who helped finance it and who now operate it. And from the brewer who makes great beer with the water they pipe to him.


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