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    We provide equity financing primarily investing or co-investing along with funds focused on infrastructure, the environment, or small- and medium-sized enterprises and mid-size corporations. In some cases, the Bank also provides direct quasi-equity financing to support innovative companies in seek of financing to grow.

    Six key benefits

    Sizeable investments

    Our investments represent 10% to 20% of the fund size, with a maximum of 25%.

    Flexible tenors

    We offer tenors that reflect the fund’s life – normally 10-12 years, but the tenor can be 25 years or more.

    Hands-off approach

    We typically delegate investment decisions to the fund manager.

    Accessible capital

    EIB co-invests in projects or portfolio companies, which allow smaller funds to get involved in bigger projects.

    Bespoke financing

    Available for novice or experienced investment teams, in all EIB regions of activity.

    Signalling effect

    Support from the EIB is often seen by private investors as a seal of approval, thereby catalysing additional funding and multiplying our impact.

    Equity products

    Venture debt
    Supporting innovative SMEs to accelerate their growth.
    Investment funds
    Supporting climate action, social impact and private sector growth.

    Our products and services

    We improve the lives of citizens in the EU and beyond. We support small businesses, while enhancing climate action and innovation. We also focus on energy transition and urban sustainability. We create prosperity for all EU regions, so that they reach their full potential.


    Lending to clients of all sizes to support sustainable growth and job creation


    Through our investments in equity and funds we stimulate and catalyse private capital


    Covering risks of large and small projects, as well as loan portfolios

    Advisory services  

    Technical and financial expertise for our clients