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    Solving challenges together

    The world is facing multiple crises: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, climate change, extreme poverty. These challenges know no borders and call for an effective EU response that fosters real partnerships. EIB Global, the EIB’s development arm, represents our commitment to sustainable and inclusive societies everywhere.


    Where we work

    At EIB Global, we work with partners in regions around the world, including the Western Balkans, the EU’s Eastern and Southern neighbourhoods, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, and Central Asia. Since 2021, most of our operations have been backed by NDICI - Global Europe, the European Union’s main financing tool to promote sustainable development, peace and stability.

    Our impact

    Whether improving access to clean water or powering homes, we work hard to ensure our investment have a real impact on the ground. In 2023, we invested in projects outside the European Union that will result in an estimated:

    3.1 million people

    with safer drinking water

    2.4 million households

    powered with electricity

    113 million people

    with better health services and vaccines

    1.5 million people

    living in areas with reduced risk of drought

    In focus

    EIB Global impact report

    This publication explains how EIB Global is tackling today’s challenges and working with partners to support EU objectives for a more prosperous, safer, more sustainable and fairer world.

    ©Artem Hetman/UNDP Ukraine

    Global stories

    Individual stories speak far louder than figures and charts. Learn how our work improves lives worldwide.

    Our publications

    Understanding the global landscape is key to taking action. Explore our latest research, economic studies, surveys and other resources.

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