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    Infrastructure and the EIB

    Reliable and smart infrastructure is key for economic growth, sustainability and the creation of jobs. It is also crucial in ensuring Europe’s competitiveness.

    As the EU bank, we have made it our top priority to invest in cleaner transport, digital networks, energy efficiency and sustainable urban development. Our lending in urban areas also includes the development of social infrastructure, affordable housing and key public buildings. By financing comprehensive regeneration projects we aim to make neighbourhoods and cities more inclusive in the way they provide citizens with services whilst also investing in cultural heritage.

    Please note: The priority area “Infrastructure and the EIB” is evolving into “Sustainable cities and regions” and “Sustainable energy and natural resources.” Our website will reflect these changes shortly.

    Our impact in 2021

    In 2021, the EIB provided €13.80 billion to support sustainable cities and regions
    and €15.38 billion to support sustainable energy and natural resources

    11 400 MW

    of electricity generation capacity built, 99.7 % from renewables

    346 million

    additional annual trips made on EIB-financed transport

    783 million

    people benefiting from improved health services, including COVID-19 vaccines

    3.8 million

    people with improved sanitation

    Areas of eligibility

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