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    What is a pre-recorded video/digital interview?

    Digital interviewing is a modern technology in which you record your answers to pre-set interview questions using your computer and webcam, or your smartphone/tablet.

    We think you’ll find the digital interview a great experience – here’s why:


    Rather than taking time away from your responsibilities to participate in a phone interview during working hours, or to travel for a face-to-face interview at a very early stage, we're bringing the interview to you. You can access the interview at any convenient location and time within the given deadline.

    Personalise your story

    Digital interviews allow you to tell your story and highlight your experience in a much more personalised and dynamic way than a static résumé/CV.


    All shortlisted candidates receive the same set of questions and our hiring team views all responses. Regardless of whether you're the first or last to interview, you will have the same experience and exposure as every other candidate.

    More exposure across the EIB

    With your consent, your digital interview may be shared across several hiring teams, giving you the chance to reach more managers across the organisation.

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